Thursday, January 7, 2010

I recently saw the movie Julie and julia and got thinking. There is a lot of food and receipes out there for meat eater but vegetarians feel that they have got the shorter end of the stick. I am have always been a vegetarian and feel that it is time the world realised that vegetarian is not a fad but can be a way of life.

So this is a blog dedicated to all of you out there, the ones who think being a vegetaarian is great and also to those who think it is boring. everyday I will try a vegetarian recipe that I have not tried before and post the recipe with the results of how it turned out.

The best way to reduce your carbon foot print on this earth is to be a vegetarian and no one says it ahs to be boring. So all of you please join me into making this world green by eating more green.
That a picture of my son to whom I want to leave a better, cleaner and greener earth.

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